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How Donations are spent

The Bahrain Cancer Society focuses it resources on balanced programs of research, education, advocacy, and service. The funds raised by the Bahrain Cancer Society are used to provide hope for the future, progress toward a cure, and answers to cancer questions and concerns.

17% – Prevention & Education

Programs that provide the public and health professionals with information and education to prevent cancer occurrence or to reduce the risk of developing cancer

12% – Patient Services

Programs to assist cancer patients and their families to ease the burden of cancer for them

14% – Detection / Treatment

Programs that are directed at finding cancer before it is clinically apparent, and provide information and education about cancer treatments for a cure, recurrence, symptom management, and pain control

39% – Research

Financial support provided to academic institutions and scientists to seek new knowledge about the causes, prevention, and cure of cancer, and to conduct epidemiological and behavioral studies.

17% – Fundraising, Management and General

Programs to secure charitable financial support for the Society’s programs, including participation at fundraising events, materials for soliciting donations, maintenance of donor records, and fundraising volunteer recruitment and training; direction of the overall affairs of the Society through executive, financial, and administrative services

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