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About Bahrain Cancer Society

Fighting cancer, trying to find the causes behind it, and preventing them have become national objectives to be achieved not only by the patient and his family, but also, through collective efforts, by the treating physician and other specialized bodies.
As a result, to support the cancer patient so that he / she does not fall victim to other physical or psychological illnesses, developed countries have formed national societies. These societies coordinate with the relevant official bodies to educate the patients, help them understand their illness, and follow the physicians’ instructions. Such help makes it possible not only to achieve the goals of treatment programs but also to provide a healthy environment for fighting cancer and preventing its side effects.

Within this global view, the Bahrain Cancer Society was established in 1989 as a voluntary non-profitable organization. Since that time, the society has worked hard to provide education and information to the public about causes of cancer, cancer treatment, and methods of prevention. The society has also been supporting relevant research studies undertaken by individuals or institute and providing training for individuals participating in the field of cancer prevention.

Over twenty years, the society has been successful in expanding its membership base to cover a wide range of all those concerned with cancer and its different aspects. It also has organized seminars and workshops to educate patients, medical staff, and concerned officials in order to assume their responsibilities and their role in the fight against cancer.

Presently, the society is planning to translate and publish booklets and pamphlets with information about the different types of cancer and their treatments programs. It is also working on creating a website and studying the possibility of the regularly publishing a newsletter focusing on continuous education on the same subjects.

To achieve these objectives, the society has formed five committees for:

  • Information and Education.
  • Fund Raising.
  • Researches and studies.
  • Social Activities.
  • Cancer Patient Support.

However, realizing that the achievements of any of these objectives is totally dependent on the participation and support of every member of this society, the Bahrain Cancer Society is looking for public support and the support of all concerned Bahraini institute as well as cancer prevention programs in the region, the Arab world and the international arena to achieve its current and future plans.

This plan aims at achieving the following objectives:

  • Raising public awareness.
  • Promoting health education and emphasizing the importance of early detection and treatments and self examination in cancer prevention.
  • Strengthen the relationship among the patient, family, physician and hospital.
  • Social Publishing booklets on cancer. .
  • Cancer Patient Support.
  • Organizing lectures, seminars and workshops on cancer, its prevention and treatment.
  • Cooperating and coordinating with local, regional, Arab and international agencies to fight cancer.
  • Participating in exhibitions and philanthropic activities held in Bahrain.
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